Camel Festival

To celebrate the robust nature of camels and their endurance to survive the harshness of the desert, the camel festival is attended by animal lovers every year. The camel festival is dedicated to desert animals and to keep in minds the relationship people share with them.

Organized by the department of tourism, arts, and culture of the Rajasthan government, the camel festival is something one should go to at least once in their lifetime. Bikaner is eternally associated with the fierce camels that add glory to its name. People from all over Rajasthan travel to Bikaner to attend the fair.

Honoring their main source of livelihood, the camel, people from Bikaner are found in abundance at the festival. Bikaner is the only region in all of Rajasthan that is a breeding ground for camels. The founder of Bikaner, Rao Bika Ji, was witness to such a tradition and things haven’t changed much since. Much like the rest of Rajasthan, this fair and festival are no less when it comes to the vibrancy of festivities and culture. From camel dances, camel races, thrilling camel rides to performances by men and camels – it’s in line with the other typical Rajasthani festivals. Lights and food galore, it’s an experience like no other. Camels have served in the defense forces alongside regiments of men in border security forces, guarding the borders of the state.

The Ganga Rasila, the famous camel corps of the BSF have continued to be loyal support to the people in Rajasthan and have fought the world wars and the Indo-Pak wars next to their loving and grateful defense officials. A confluence of culture, gentle animals and the colors of the state’s heritage, one must attend the Bikaner camel festival to appreciate the beauty of Rajasthan and its people.

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