Khujaraho and its sculpted history have made the state of Madhya Pradesh an exceedingly sought after travel destination for tourists from around the world. Adorned with distinctive structures, Khujaraho has some of the most elusive temples one wishes to visit at least once in their lifetime.
Patronized as one of the World heritage UNESCO sites, the Khujaraho group of temples are held in high regard by the followers of Hindu and Jain religion. The beautiful structures are housed deep within the territory of Madhya Pradesh, almost 175 kilometers from Jhansi.

An exciting site for tourists wishing to explore the wonder of Indian sexuality, Khajuraho’s temples’ erotic sculptures are a site quite like no other in North India. The Nagara-style symbolic architecture is one of the key attractions of Khujaraho temples. To make it more convenient for travelers to experience the temples’ undisputed beauty, the Archeological Survey of India offers an audio-guided tour that was developed to narrate the history of the temples and the richness in its architecture.

If you’re looking for places to explore in North India in the winter months, you might want to visit Khujaraho Temples in February! To witness and delve in the stellar Khujaraho Dance Festival that features many a classical Indian dances that come to life with the stunning Chitragupta and Vishwanath temples as their background, start looking for those sweaters you packed the last Christmas because you don’t want to miss a rendezvous with Indian history.

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