Indian Recipes That Help in Weight Loss

India, a land of yoga and ayurveda gives a lot of emphasis to the wellbeing of its people. The agrarian society in India is a basket of fresh produce with rice, wheat, lentils, grains, vegetables and fruits change hues in each summer and harvest festivals are celebrated in every corner of the country. In the land where yoga and meditation, sattvik food and control over desires are upheld in the scriptures, the Indian platter serves the perfect mix for people looking for well-balanced and nutritious food to enable a healthy weight loss journey.

The Indian Bread Basket

The Indian bread story is one that is the stuff dreams are made of when one thinks of the healthy options while on a weight loss program.  India’s bread basket is simply filled with options like buckwheat, pearl sago, barley, ragi, bajra, sorghum, maize and many more. Kickstart your day with a sumptuous buckwheat porridge or some delectable pearl sago simmered in almond milk with a dash of jaggery or have an Indian bread made out of equal portions of maize and sorghum with some cumin and turmeric and enjoy it with some delicious sabzi; an assortment of vegetables sautéed and tempered. Not only are these nutritious but also tantalizingly tasty and gluten-free which makes your weight loss program a tasty success.

Taste the Pulse

If you thought salads were the only way to ensure weight loss, it’s time to go Indian. With high protein content and extremely low glycemic indices, the Indian pulses are a go-to as you embark on your weight loss journey. A staple food in most Indian households, the dal, is ubiquitous and is often a side dish that is easy to cook, nourishing and extremely effective.

A wide array that will spoil you with choices ranging from the protein-packed chickpeas, split green gram, kidney beans, pigeon peas, split red lentils, and Bengal gram can be cooked to perfection and be the perfect comfort food. Bring to a boil, temper with some mustard seeds or cumin, add some asafetida in a spoonful of heated olive oil and garnish with some parsley to bring the aroma of nutritious and farm fresh produce to your table.

The Vegetable & Fruit Harvest

The Indian kitchen is where serendipitous inventions have made some iconic global dishes like palak paneer or cauliflower manchurian. Vegetables have been crafted into delicacies here. It is in these kitchens that an egg plant simply was roasted and tossed with onions and parsley to make the yummy mashed brinjal bharta or even broccoli became the showstopper in the simple tossed and sautéed broccoli masala. Indulge in the South Indian crepe of fermented rice batter, dosa with the lentil soup mixed with vegetables from carrots and beans to drumsticks that taste like heaven. Your weight loss recipes must include vegetables and fresh fruits, but trust the Indians to turn your salads into side dishes without taking a guilt trip.

The Tandoor Tale

For a strict weight loss program that  incorporates meats, the Indian tandoor is the ultimate answer. Marinated with yogurt and ambrosial spices and cooked in its own natural oil in a clay oven to a smoky perfection, a tandoor recipe is an ultimate gastronomical delight. Add the bite-sized tikka to quinoa to make a weight loss recipe that conquers the heart.

With a daily yoga routine, meditation and the delicacies of the Indian cuisine at your disposal, may your weight loss program awaken your new avatar; physically, mentally and spiritually as India touches your soul and tantalises your taste buds.