List of 5 Fascinating Beaches In The Indian Subcontinent

Gifted with the longest stretch of pristine palm-fringed coastlines, the Indian subcontinent is home to some of the most fascinating beaches that nature has to offer. Here is a list of top beaches in the subcontinent. From the surreal vistas of turquoise waters of India to the scenic beaches of Sri Lanka and Maldives, this is the land where sun-caressed white sands, bright azure skies and the emerald and turquoise waters come together to offer you unbeatable beach destinations. From water sports to serenity, the sea is never the limit.


● Walk on the soft sands on the beaches of Mararikulam.
● Explore the shoreline of the iconic beach of Mahabalipuram where the beauty of the sun-kissed waters meet the architectural marvel of the splendid Shore Temple.
● Watch the waves break onto the beach of Bentota along with the pristine beaches of Mirissa in Sri Lanka.
● Enjoy the most amazing vacation in the paradisiacal beaches of the volcanic atolls of Maldives.

Bentota Beach

Topping the list of fascinating beaches is Bentota in Sri Lanka. Swaying palm trees, gushing waves and the sun-kissed winds that ruffle past your ears, the cinnamon beach of Bentota is paradise found. Fronds of palms and the breathtaking waters of the Indian Ocean culminate at Bentota to offer a beach experience like none other. A long list of adventure sports like snorkelling, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking and deep sea fishing paint a picture of an idyllic beach vacation. You can also simply walk barefoot at sundown to catch a magical sun set in the horizon far away. Sri Lanka offers Bentota as a sight for your wanderlust soul to truly experience happiness like never before.

Mirissa Beach

Relax on a hammock with some fresh tender coconut water as the shoreline of the crescent beach at Mirissa welcomes you to one of Sri Lanka’s list of best beaches. Water safaris in the early morning to spot blue whales is truly a once in a lifetime experience that Mirissa offers. The sun, shore and the sand conjure magic that will leave you asking for more. Miles of palm-lined shores playing truant with the turquoise waves is a sultry beauty that will quench your soul’s thirst of relaxation, rejuvenation and adventure.

Mararikulam Beach

Next on the list of fascinating beaches is the Mararikulam beach in India. Winds caressing the fronds of coconut trees while the blue waves gush onto the white sifting sands, Mararikulam beach is what a slice of paradise feels like. Stunning scenery coupled with a host of water sports like snorkeling, swimming or even surfing make Marari a much sought after beach in God’s Own Country. With lines of palm trees, spotless silvery sands, the Marari Beach near Alappuzha, Kerala is gorgeous beyond the realm of imagination.

Mahabalipuram Beach

With one of the longest coastline among the list of fascinating beaches, the beach of Mahabalipuram has the honour of being in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. With a striking imagery of the imposing rock-cut Shore Temple in the distance, the beach is ever welcoming. The sparkling waters of the Bay Of Bengal offer diving, windsurfing and motor boating options while the people who are less adventurous can indulge in sun bathing. The sparkling sea and the undulating landscape juxtaposed with the temples, the shores of Mahabalipuram have stood apart with its rustic beauty.


Fuvahmulah or the “Island Of the Areca Nut Palms’ ‘ is a volcanic atoll that adorns southern Maldives. This bowl-shaped atoll with the most diverse coral ecosystems in the country with unique coral sand beach formations is a visual treat. This unique UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with lagoons and picture perfect silver sands and turquoise waters, Fuvahmulah tops the list of tropical paradise. Diving here leads to encounters with gorgeous schools of great and scalloped hammerheads, giant whale sharks and dozens of tiger sharks. Fuvahmulah is the only place on the planet where you can see all of these majestic thalassics together in their natural environment and one that cannot be missed.