Winter In South India

What is South India like in the winter? Imagine waking up to the music of tropical birds singing a song so beautiful you feel happy before you even open your eyes. Imagine feeling the warmth of the morning sun kiss your skin as you meander down your grassy path to greet the water’s edge. Imagine the fragrant smell of colourful flowers intriguing your senses and rejuvenating your spirit. Imagine a place so incredibly majestic that you wonder if you’re actually dreaming and not awake at all – South India, a mystical, tranquil, tropical paradise like no other place on earth. So, what’s South India like in the winter? Absolutely magical!

Covering 19% of India’s land area, South India is split into five Southern Indian states of Andrah Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. There are also the three union territories of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, and Puducherry. With just slightly different languages, religions and food traditions within these areas, there is something for every traveller. However, regardless of which region one chooses, there is one commonality for sure, the South Indian people are incredibly hospitable, the scenery is breathtaking, and the vibe is rejuvenating yet tranquil all at the same time. From Tamil Nadu to the waters of Kerala, South India’s serene oasis will inspire you, replenish your soul, and move your spirit in such a subtle way that you will long to stay in this natural decadence forever.

South India is known for many things such as temples and fortresses, houseboating, Ayurveda, fabulous cuisine, breathtaking waterways, and so much more. Whether you’re an adventurous traveler who likes to explore all day or someone in the mood for a bit or relaxation and rejuvenation, South India has it all. Have I got your attention? Great, so now you just have to pick what kind of experience you would like in South India. Oh, you would like a little bit of everything? Perfect, you are in luck because at Explore India Journeys Inc. our award-winning tour of South India has everything you can imagine for a trip to this jewel of India. Whether you would like a small intimate group tour or a private tour of South India complete with all the adventure and relaxation you desire, we can plan your ideal journey to South India just the way you would like it. Let the magic of planning your trip of a lifetime begin as we uncover details to consider as we plan your trip together.

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What is the best time to take a trip to South India? One of the best aspects of planning a trip to South India is that it is the perfect place to take a break from our Canadian winter. The months from October to March are gorgeous in all of India and, while it is freezing back home, South India is warm and inviting. This is India’s winter as well and, typically, during these months the temperatures range from 22-25 degrees. This temperature range is just an average and it does vary from place to place but it is the ideal time to travel to most places in South India. A beautiful South India awaits explorers and greets each guest with visions of tropical flowers in full bloom, large varieties of birds and, if you’re an animal lover, its also the perfect time to take an Indian safari. The weather is warm, dry, and pleasant right up until mid March when it starts to heat up quite a bit. If you want to stay warm this winter, you need to take a tour of South India!

What To Expect In South India This Winter?

Visit Fascinating Cities Of The South

Kerala is a state on India’s Malabar Coast. A tropical destination that is known for houseboating through its waterways as you listen to birds singing from the colourful flower gardens

Chennai is the capitol city of the state of Tamil Nadu and is home to the major airport for tourists arriving to South India

Mahabalipuram is located in Tamil Nadu as well and is known for its temples and monuments

Pondicherry is a territory in Tamil Nadu famous for its tree lined streets, restaurants, boutiques, and its seaside promenade

Tanjore was the capitol city during the Chola Dynasty from the tenth to the fourteenth centuries. An important home to South Indian religions, art, and architecture and also to a unique style of paintings.

Chettinad is home to many famous fortresses and temples and is also known for its cuisine

Madurai is an ancient city in Tamil Nadu and popular for the Meenakashi Amman Temple

Munnar was a favoured summer resort area for the British rulers in colonial days and is a favourite among travelers for its natural beauty

Periyar is situated in the Thekkady district of Tamil Nadu and is home to the beautiful Lake Periyar and the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Enjoy The Tastes Of South Indian Cuisine

South India cuisine includes culinary preparation methods of the 5 states in the South; Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Kerala. The biggest difference between the food in the North and South is that in the North a lot of meat and dairy is used while in the South, especially the region of Kerala, more vegetables and some seafood is used while a very small amount, if any at all, of dairy and meat is used in preparing the delicious dishes.

Cruise Through The Waters Of Kerala In An Indian Houseboat

A truly magnificent experience, cruising along the waters of South India’s pride jewel, Kerala, is sure to create a memory of a lifetime. This mesmerizing journey through the waters of Kerala in an ancient boat called a Kettuvallums is sure to rid you of any memory of how cold it is in Canada. You can take a 4-hour leisurely cruise through the canals, or even opt to stay overnight in one of the houseboats private rooms, complete with all the amenities of home. There is no shortage of delectable cuisine on the houseboat tours as well, enjoy a fabulous lunch on the shorter tours and full board on an overnight stay. Houseboating is unique to India and can be enjoyed in Kerala but also in Kashmir where houseboating is a sought-after venture for travellers to the area. While travelling with Explore India you can enjoy a privately guided houseboat tour or a small group experience. Houseboating in Kerala is a must do experience while in the region.

Ayurveda Treatment Centres  

Ayurvedic medicine, otherwise known as Ayurveda, is the oldest healing system in the world. It originated in India and has been practised there as a means of maintaining balance and harmony in the body for thousands of years. A sister science to Yoga, Ayurveda practices maintain the natural state of the body and can also be used in treating specific illness when they arise. Ayurveda is still recognized in India as the best wellness system on earth. Similarly, countries in the West are also embracing the idea of preventative health practices such as Ayurveda to create a system warding off disease rather than treating disease once it has progressed.

There are many Ayurvedic centres in South India that treat for specific ailments as well as overall health and well-being. Whether its one of Ayurveda’s revitalizing massages or a more in depth look at a specific problem, Ayurveda is enjoyable, relaxing, healing and should definitely be experienced on any trip to South India.

Chola Dynasty Temples Of South India

One of the longest dynasties in history, the Chola Dynasty, was a Tamil dynasty of Southern India. The name ‘Chola’ is believed to be the name of the ruling family at that time. The Cholas were avid builders and had a passion for Tamil literature and architecture. They built temples not only for places of worship but to also create areas for commerce and economic gain for the region. Visiting the South of India is an opportunity to see the large groups of temples and fortresses created by the Chola Dynasty.

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