The mystical Kashmir Valley that is standing tall on the shoulders of pristine lakes, alpine peaks, and orchard fields, is a wonder of nature untouched by the throes of modernity. The 140 kilometers long Kashmir Valley is highlighted by the quaint villages and paddy fields marked by apple orchards.

Housing the kind and independent Kashmiris, these tin-houses often give refuge to tourists and visitors with a welcoming smile and undying faith that runs in the valley. The nooks and crannies of the valley are brought to notice with tiny, box-like mosques that have central spires. This unique design for mosques is seen throughout the valley and locals following the Sufi-Islamic faith are seen worshipping in the peculiar constructions.

Besides the exclusive houseboat accommodation, the volatile valley is known around the world for the beautiful Dal Lake that lights up the entire valley with its glimmer. Also known for the Amarnathji Yatra, the region is politically unstable and is often shut for visiting during July and August, guarding the safety of locals as well as tourists.

Jammu and Kashmir, the conflation of different worlds, is the heaven every Indian seeks for in their exhilaration. So when you do get to be one of the chosen few to be immersed in the wonder of Kashmir Valley, don’t forget to visit the Badshah’s tomb, Jama Masjid, and Shankaracharya Mandir.

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